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BBL Barre technique tips

First Blog of 2022! I know it's mid Feb!!!

The beginning of the year has been quite hectic here at BBL.

I hope you're having a good start to your year.

Barre is still a bit of an unknown workout although after Lockdown has become more popular, I only discovered it few years ago and I was instantly hooked! I was lucky enough to have had years and years of Ballet experience which allowed me to transition to Barre and incorporate my knowledge to it.

Here are few of my top tips for technique:

4 Points kneeling: During all 4s exercises, aim to keep your weights evenly distributed and centred. Avoid your hips to pull back towards the heels. Keeping your core engaged and making the range of motion smaller will help maintain proper alignment.

Neutral Spine: During class, allow your range of motion to be dictated by a neutral spine. You might find that you need to decrease your range of motion for some series order to stay in neutral so listen to your body and find the range that works for you.

Centering: Try to practice centering as you flow through your movements. It is a fundamental principle in Ballet Barre that means to physically bring focus and stability to the centre of the body or the core. When these muscles are engaged we initiate movement from

a stable center which in run enhances our quality of movement.

Modifications: Listen to your body and modify when you need to. A modification does not

equal weakness. Form and a mind- muscle connection are key to any session.

Have a great week!

Laura x

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