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Ballet Barre Laura (Ballet & Barre for every stage of your life!) Summer Break

Thank you all so much for joining me at the Barre this year and being part of our wonderful community. We love our Studio at the St Margaret's Foot Clinic in Twickenham and we also love to be able to get up and Barre with our Live-Stream classes too!

My mission is to help you create achievable, highly effective and consistent workout habits through Ballet Barre to promote a healthier lifestyle within a welcoming, safe and uplifting community.

Here are a few pictures from our end of term get together!

It was lovely to have a chat and a catch up with you all and to hear your feedback about BBL.

We are waiving goodbye to some of our Barre&Baby mamas but we hope to see you in one of our regular classes soon. Please register your interest and I can add you to our waitlist.

I'm also looking to add new classes. Please do get in touch and let me know your preferred day and time.

Don't forget our NEW class starting in September SILVER SWANS! You can register your interest via our website and you will be the first to know about our Taster session.


BBL Summer Plan

Our BBL Online Studio is the perfect combination between taking time off and keeping up your Barre practice. All in one place! no more links that will expire.

Simply log in grab your mat or towel! I've created shorter Workouts in our Barre Express and Travel editon channel (10-20 minutes) As you know you don't require much space or equipment and you can totally Barre where you are! The BBL Summer Package will include:

- Unlimited access to the full library for one month - Wide range of channels: Barre (full body workout 45") StretchIT Barre Express (10"-20" targeted workouts) Travel Edition (10"-20" minimal equipment) Ballet Channel - The price for the month of August is £27 (NOT ON A ROLLING CONTRACT) It's just over £5 a week and chapter than renting a single class. Alternatively you can rent a video for 72h Here is my recommended Barre Travel Kit: - Ball - Long Band - Mini Band (arms) - Mini Band ( Legs)

You can access the plan in 3 easy steps: 1- Go to plans and select BBL Summer Plan 2- Purchase BBL Summer plan and if it's the first time using the Studio Library create and account. Please check your spam-junk box. 3- Log in and head to our BBL Online Studio Library page and choose your workout!


Have a wonderful summer break and see you in September.

Barre & Ballet for every stage of your life!

Laura x

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