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And so it begins....

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Black Friday, Christmas shopping, lists, decorations, pre-Christmas drinks and get together with friends school parents, school performances and the list goes on...

I thought for a moment... wow! I don't remember being so busy last year! As I'm sure you all remember we were entering yet another lockdown in London and our social lives were not this busy... I must admit it feels very overwhelming at the moment but exciting at the same time!

I had a lovely feedback this morning from Daniela one of my clients. She had a really difficult week. Daniela has been taking my classes online and in the studio for over a year now. She is so sweet and always sends me personal feedback after each session. Daniela felt energised after class and managed to unwind and relax too!

I love to be able to help my clients, whether you need a good start to your day or a class at the end of the week to destress, Ballet Barre Laura is here for you!

Let me help you to create sustainable and consistent workout habits for your overall wellbeing.

Let's not forget the Christmas break ( yes those days between Christmas and New Year where no one knows exactly what day it is..)

Don't worry our On Demand classes will be available and (if you are a subscriber) a small gift is on its way to you soon! (check your emails)

Have great weekend!

Laura x

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