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Bring the Studio to your Home

   BBL Online Studio 

Welcome to our BBL Online Studio! 

Bring the studio to your home, easy to fit in with your busy schedule. 

The Library is divided in different sections so you can easily find what you are looking for: 

  • Welcome Video & Equipment

  • Barre 45"

  • Barre Express (targeted workouts)

  • StretchIT  

  • Travel Edition

You can rent a single video for 72h, alternatively you can buy one of our monthly plans. 

The Library will be updated at the beginning of each month with some new content.

Monthly plans are NOT on a rolling contract to give you total freedom

The BBL Online Studio Library is NOT suitable for pregnant clients, alternatively you can discuss your options with Laura.

We prefer to monitor out pregnant clients during classes.

The Online Studio is suitable postpartum however you must have had 6 weeks (natural delivery) or 12 weeks (C section) check approved by your GP or caregiver.


We hope you'll enjoy our BBL Online Studio

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